Pet Odor Removal in Plano, TX

Pet Odor Removal in Plano, Texas
  • Pet Odor Remediation
  • Product: OSR & Controlled Flood with Water Claw
  • — On Desco Dr. on Plano, Texas 75075

The professionals at TruRenew Clean have a strong understanding of stain identification and removal. Our Carpet Cleaning Company often assists in uncovering problem areas of moisture or pet odor that may have previously gone undetected. That's exactly what happened when Larry of Plano, TX contacted us concerning pet odor removal. Though no visible stains were apparent on the surface of the carpet, our carpet cleaning team uncovered the source of the odors and were able to effectively remove the bacteria and stop the source of the pet odors.

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What This Client Had To Say About TruRenew Clean

"My pups had used my wife's closet for a restroom for sometime. We never knew where the smell was coming from because there were not really any stains. George and Jenn with TruRenew came out and located the pet urine in the closet area. We had NO IDEA how much damage these little terrors had caused. There was pee everywhere. After George and Jenn were done my wife walked into her closet and the smell was completely gone. We were amazed, we thought there was no way anyone could get that out. WAY TO GO GUYS!"

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