Carpet Graft Cleaning in Prosper, TX

Carpet Graft Cleaning in Prosper, TX
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  • Carpet cleaning with a customer carpet repair graft. Customer had a small quarter size hole in the carpet where her pet chewed a hole. Our technician was able to repair the carpet with a custom graft and is now almost invisible.
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For starters, improper installation of carpets can lead to unsightly wrinkles and ripples. Aside from being unsightly, this can also damage the carpet backing, causing it to separate. Once this happens, the problems cannot be corrected, so the quicker you fix it the better. As part of the carpet repair services that TruRenew Clean offers, our technicians can properly stretch the carpeting and repair these wrinkles before it is permanently damaged. But, our services are not limited to just stretching. Our technicians are experts in color restoration and spot dyeing, custom carpet patches and custom carpet grafts.

What This Client Had To Say About TruRenew Clean

I called to have my carpets cleaned because I am selling my home. I did not imagine anything could be done for the hole that was in my carpet, but I asked anyway. Tim was my technician and he said they repair carpet and issues like this all the time. After about 30 minutes I went back to check on the progress and to my amazement the hole was gone, I could not even tell where it was (except I knew where it was). Thank you guys my realtor was so pleased!"

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