Carpet Cleaning in Dallas, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Service in Dallas, Texas
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  • Customer requested a test spot to see if the carpets were able to be salvaged.
  • Melshire Drive Dallas, Texas 75230

One of the more common services that TruRenew Clean provides is one-time carpet cleaning in areas that have not previously undergone a regular floor cleaning schedule. Common high traffic areas, like hallways, can often become discolored and heavily stained over time. A thorough cleaning using the appropriate tools, technique, and cleaning solutions can usually resolve the situation. A customer in Dallas, Texas needed a test to see if we could do the job.

What This Client Had To Say About TruRenew Clean

""I called TruRenew and spoke with Tracy, she was so helpful with the scheduling and reassured me that they have the best technicians. She was so correct. When George arrived I showed him my home and we discussed my concerns. He offered to do a test spot at my request to see if my carpets could even be cleaned. I was embarrassed to see the difference and the filth. George so very professional and explained that there was nothing to be ashamed of, but this is my home and I was still embarrassed. After he was done I just couldn't thank him enough. Such an invaluable service from start to finish. I will definitely recommend you guys to everyone I know."

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