Bleach Stain Removal in Plano


Bleach Stain Removal is a common service request among our homeowner clients in the Richardson area of Texas. This process ensures you're not having to replace your expensive, high end carpeting in your custom home.

When you have a home and family, it's inevitable to get a few stains here and there from things like juice or coffee spills, or even at times from chemical spills like common household bleach. Many cleaning solutions contain bleach or other chemicals that cause light spots on carpets.

If you have a little one running around with a sippy cup, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with all the changes going on in your household including the condition of your carpeting or furnishings.

If your carpets have been discolored by the sun or by harsh chemicals such as bleach, our carpet color restoration service can help you restore your carpet's hue. Small spots treated with our color restoration are very hard to detect, which makes the process less expensive than replacing your entire carpet.

Our bleach stain removal involves spot dyeing as a color restoration process which can fix fading, bleached, or worn out areas. And what's great about spot color restoration is that you don't have to tear out sections of your expensive carpeting to get rid of a stain or bleached area.

You want to be sure your carpeting lasts for years. It's luxurious, the perfect color, and exactly what you wanted when you had it installed or purchased your home. So there's no reason to waste resources you could use elsewhere to remove and replace the carpeting. Instead, we can treat your spots with our color restoration process and you'll barely ever remember there was ever a place where it was discolored.

We first test your carpet to determine the materials with fiber ID tests. Nylon and wool fibers take dye well and permanent stains can be repaired. Here are a few questions and answers we've commonly had from customers:

Q: Do I need to clean my carpet before you treat the bleach stains?
A: No, any areas treated will be cleaned before and afterward.

Q: Will color from the dye rub off on our shoes or clothing?
A: No! The dye sets within minutes of our application. It will chemically bond with the carpet fibers, making it color fast and permanent.

Q: Does this work on pet stains?
A: Yes! Pet stains commonly lighten the carpeting due to the ammonia in the urine. Ammonia acts similarly to bleach to remove the color of your carpet.

Q: Can you treat my area rugs with bleach stain removal?
A: Yes, as long as the area rug fibers are made of wool, nylon or a blend of wool and nylon. Polypropylene, polyester, or olefin area rugs won't hold the dye.

Q: How long will the bleach stain removal treatment last?
A: The dye will last for the remaining life of the carpet.

Q: Is the dye toxic?
A: No, they are eco-friendly and similar to dyes used when the carpeting was manufactured.

Q: How do I get my carpet bleach stains removed?
A: Just call the number below and our TruRenew Clean team will schedule you an appointment!

If you are looking for Plano Bleach Stain Removal then please call 214-930-8802 or complete our online request form.