3 Tips For Eliminating Pet Odors From Your Home

Plano Odor Remediation

Having pets is a wonderful thing; they add so much joy to your life. However, having a home that smells like pets are living there isn’t as joyful an experience.

From litter box odors to the smells from pet accidents, it’s important to get proactive about eliminating traces of pet problems. Not only will your house look and smell better, but this improves indoor air quality for better health.

Get Rid Of Pet Stains & Smells But Keep The Pets

Once you adopt a pet and bring it into your home, it becomes part of your family. But, let’s face the fact that wet dog smell or cat box odor isn’t something you want your home’s scent to become. Some top expert tips for preventing pet stains and odors from ruining your home sweet home:

  1. Deal with pet accidents right away
    Pet accidents happen, but the sooner you can clean them up, the better off you’ll be. Not only do stains and lingering odors result from accidents that go unnoticed, they can create a hotspot and problem area. If your pet smells a place where they or another pet has gone to the bathroom, they’re likely to take that as a cue as a safe place to repeat the behavior.
  2. Hire professionals for cleaning
    Even if you’re pretty quick to clean up accidents, you should have your floors and furniture taken care of by professional cleaning services regularly. This makes your carpets and home smell better, catches messes you may have missed, and deters future repeat problems.
  3. Get an air purification system
    When your air circulates and is filtered, it reduces the likelihood of stale, stagnant, and smelly air lingering. Plus, air purification improves the air quality, so the air you breathe is better for all of your family members - including your pets!

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