Professional Carpet Repair Services


For starters, improper installation can lead to unsightly wrinkles and ripples. Aside from being unsightly, this can also damage the carpet backing, causing it to separate. Once this happens, the problems cannot be corrected, so the quicker you fix it the better. As part of the carpet repair services that TruRenew Clean offers, our technicians can properly stretch the carpeting and repair these wrinkles before it is permanently damaged. But, our services are not limited to just stretching. Our technicians are experts in color restoration and spot dyeing, custom carpet patches and custom carpet grafts. These specialized services are designed to repair carpets that have been damaged by pets, burns, bleach, paint, water and many other sources. At TruRenew Clean we understand that flooring is one of the most costly purchases you will make, therefore allow us to correct any damages before it is too late.

Additional Flooring Repair Services

  • Re-stretch wavy and rippled carpet that no longer lays flat
  • Stretch carpet that has pulled away from walls, tile or wood floors
  • Repair damaged seams
  • Repair or Replace loose or damaged thresholds or binder ba
  • Remove gum
  • Remove ripples and waves on stair carpet
  • Repair burn holes
  • Repair rips and tears in carpet
  • Fix stains that cannot be cleaned out or spot dye
  • Repair stains caused by furniture or plants
  • Repair chemical damage
  • Fix wax stains
  • Repair damaged padding under carpet
  • Fix damage from your pets
  • Carpet Re-Install
  • Repair Iron burns
  • Fix make-up stains
  • Remove Red Stains
  • Remove Coffee/Tea
  • Remove Ink
  • Remove Nail Polish
  • Remove Rust
  • Remove Blood
  • Replace tack strips
  • Seal sub floors due to pet damage/odor
  • Grout Repair

*These services are at additional cost and would require an onsite estimate.

Carpet Repair FAQ's

  1. Will the ripples in the carpet be completely gone? Yes, the ripples will be flat and a tension test will be properly performed. However, due to the length of time the ripple has been in the carpet can determine if it will still be slightly visible. Also, with steam cleaning can help minimize the appearance.
  2. How often does my carpet need to be stretched? Typically, you should only need to stretch your carpet every seven to ten years or when you notice the first ripple starting to form.
  3. My carpet is fairly new, why is it rippling up? Most of the time, carpet installers use a knee kicker to put a slight bit of tension on the carpet. When the carpet is brand new, it looks great. It is not until you combine the loose carpet with the humidity we experience and the traffic of your home that you start to see the buckling. To properly install or stretch carpet, TruRenew Clean uses a power stretcher, which is recommended by carpet manufacturers and carpet institutes to place the proper amount of tension on your carpet to prevent the buckling your are currently experiencing.
  4. How long will the dye last? The dye is a permanent repair. However, depending on the amount of bleach or product that caused the bleaching, the bleach stain could possibly re-bleach out. With this we cover our bleach stains for 30 days to ensure that if this happens our customers can rest assured TruRenew Clean will take care of them.
  5. Will I be able to see where you dye the bleach stain? There is never a guarantee of a perfect color match when it comes to spot dye. However, the carpet will need to be cleaned in that area prior to performing the dye, otherwise you could end up with a darker shade.

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