Drapery Cleaning Services


Window treatments can be a costly investment so you want to be able to protect them and take the best care possible of them. This will keep your drapes looking good, smelling good and lasting for a long time to come. Too many homeowners think that they can take care of this type of task on their own. Yet the trust is, aside from vacuuming the surface you can't really get your fabrics good and clean. Think about how long it has been since you last had your drapery cleaned and whether or not you would want anything else in your life to go that long without being cleaned.

Getting professional level cleaning for your window treatments means removing allergens, such as dust, and prolonging the color and quality of the fabrics being used. At TruRenew Clean we know what it takes to care for your fabrics, no matter what type of fabric it is. Contact our team of pros today and let's get started. Don't try to take care of something yourself that only trained and experienced pros with the right products should be doing. your drapery or window treatments in its original location.

Drapery Cleaning Method

Windows are focal points in any home, so we clean and maintain your drapery, curtains and window treatments with the best care. Our Plano cleaning specialists will remove your drapery, curtains or window treatments and apply our gentle dry cleaning process that will erase stains, dust, odor, smoke, pollen, and soil, so your home can return to its original beauty and charm. We ensure that all drapes will remain with parallel pleats and no shrinkage, and our specialists are able to do this will your curtains still intact in your home.

All drapery cleaning will require an in home estimate, as some drapery may require a more complex cleaning.

Our Plano Drapery Cleaning Provides These Detailed Services

  • Drapery Cleaning
  • Drapery Cleaning Service
  • Drapery Cleaning Company
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Curtain Cleaning Service
  • Curtain Cleaning Company
  • Window Treatment Cleaning
  • Window Treatment Washing
  • Cleaning Window Treatments
  • Cleaning Draperies
  • Drapery Cleaning in Plano
  • Plano Drapery Cleaning

Recent Drapery Cleaning Projects

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