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Being a homeowner in The Colony means also thinking about getting the best company for your carpet cleaning needs. At Trurenew Clean we are honored to have so quickly become the top choice in the area for this type of service, but you can feel confident knowing we have more than 14 plus years of industry experience backing the company. So it goes without saying that we find taking care of carpet cleaning is one of the most important cleaning services you can take care of for your home.

It's about much more than just how nice your carpets look. It's about creating a home environment that is clean, safe, healthy and as free of allergens as possible. Even people who do not suffer from allergies can be affected by lingering irritants that aggravate allergies, like pet dander, pollen or dust. If you want the best for your household, let our Carpet Cleaning Company help take care of professional carpet cleaning for you.

Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance in The Colony

One of the biggest problems homeowners have, and that can be next to impossible to rectify, would be pet stains and odors. Our The Colony Carpet Cleaning is here to help you rid your carpet of the smells and stains pets leave behind. This is especially important since once an animal leaves the smell of urine or defecation behind, they think this is a spot to continue to use for this purpose.

Unfortunately, spot cleaners or store-bought products for this purpose don't really get the job done. We can help professionally clean this for you, as well as keep up with ongoing maintenance that will make all the difference. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.

The Colony Wood Floor Cleaning

Having wood floors is one of the finest upgrades you can have for your home but with it comes the responsibility of taking care of it properly. You want your flooring to look its best and last for years, if not decades, to come. Yet the products they sell in stores doesn't really get the job done and can actually lead to milky white wax build up that causes the flooring to look shoddy and unappealing. Call our The Colony Wood Floor Cleaning specialists and see the difference we can make.

Upholstery & Drapery Cleaning The Colony

Remember to apply the same level of care to your upholstery and drapery cleaning. While this is especially important for homes with allergy sufferers, not cleaning these fabrics can lead to health problems. Let our experts take care of all of your The Colony Upholstery Cleaning and floor cleaning needs. Call today to find out more about what we can do for you when it comes to The Colony carpet cleaning and related services.

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